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Opetan sinut puhumaan (englantia)

— Opetan sinut puhumaan (englantia)–

siis, puhumaan, kuuntelemaan, lukemaan ja kirjoittamaan englantia!

Onko ollut ärsyttäviä hetkiä, kun et oikein osannut sanoa mitään vaikka tiesit mitä piti sanoa?

autan ääntämisessä!
opi laittamaan oikea prepositio oikeaan paikkaan!
A vai the? ja miten tuo verbi taipuukaan?

Menet pidemmälle

Pääset lähemmäksi, et tarvitse enää tulkkia

Kokeile ilmaiseksi! Puhu englantia kanssani! Klikkaa alla olevaa skype-kuvaketta,

Odota hetki. Vastaan kohta.
jos en vastaa, jätä nimi ja numero niin soitan takaisin.

Varaa aikaa tapaamiseen ja keskustellaan sinun kielitarpeista: 0400 688 573

soita ja varaa aikaa

Do you remember?

Do you remember your first day of school? Do you remember the first time you answered a question in class?

Do you remember the first book you borrowed from the library?

I actually don’t remember the first things, but the last one I do.

It isn’t because I remember reading the book, I don’t know why I borrowed it. The only thing I remember is returning it.  Maybe I was scared, maybe I didn’t understand the teacher.

It was library day. It was time to return the books from the previous week.  Our class walked to the library, down the hall, then to the left.  We were supposed to sit down and wait for instructions. I went into the library, ran to the shelf were I had gotten the book a week earlier,  and put the book in the same place where I had gotten it from. Then the teacher / or librarian asked everyone to return their books to the main desk. I was too scared to do anything.  The book was Harold and the Purple Crayon. It is still one of my favorites.

I found one on Amazon and bought if for my son.


Are you a “people” person?

As high school graduates are now looking for schools to get into, one question to ask is, “Are you a people person?”

I like working with people of all ages, young and old alike. They all come in different packages but they come to class all ready learn something new.

I like watching people at work; policemen, engineers, farmers, everyone, even the mother taking care of her children in a park on a Saturday afternoon.

You people are wonderful!


The weather sure has been beautiful today! And yesterday too. Spring must be right around the corner. Looks like we are going to have an exciting weekend. My wife and I are going to Kuusamo with my mother-in-law for my wife’s niece’s wedding. Why do people complain about their in-laws? Maybe I just got lucky. She is a sweet lady with a heart of gold.