English lessons

*****     speak    *****    listen    *****    read      *****        write   *****

1. – The easiest and best way to learn  English is to give me a call and get started, now.

2. – Study wherever you are!

3. – Choose your topics!

4. – Lessons via Teams! Save time and money when you and I don’t have to drive.

Choose the category you need.

English  “Original”  (everything between east and west, north and south)

English “Business” (you want to communicate well with your foreign contacts)

English “Technical” (you need to understand manuals or you want to explain how to         build your  new revolutionary gadget to the global audience)

English “Travel” (you want to travel around the world and not eat at a McDonald’s. Remember to bring me some sand 🙂 )

Contact me at 0400 – 688 573, or email me at Aaron.hakso@gmail.com