New Way to Learn Finnish!

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Using the Mommy!Äiti method!

(aka. Biomimicry* the natural way)

Special invitation for you!

How did you learn to speak English?

* Your Mom and Dad said,   “say Mommy”, say “Daddy”

– You said, “mama”,  “dada”….  etc. and you know the rest!


Now we will do the same to learn Finnish! Watch the videos in which I walk, sit and drive and talk, in English and Finnish. Just follow me!

Step 1

First take your smart phone and download the free “Google Translate” application from Play Store or or App Store.

Select Finnish and English as the language pair. You can also click the arrows in between to get English and Finnish.

Practice a few minutes before “entering” the school.

For example, press the microphone icon and say “Minä asun Amerikassa” Google will spell it out and translate it into English!  Click the speaker icon to hear Google talk.

The Finnish Ä, (“a” with two dots) is pronounced like the English “A” in “apple”.

Google says, “I live in America.”  Ask yourself, Does the answer look good?

Then say, “Missä sinä asut?” Google will translate it – Where do you live? – Amazing?

and “Haluan ostaa kaksi hampurilaista.” Google says, “I want to buy two burgers.” not bad.

How do you know if Google is right? That’s the problem…

I invented the solution. Follow me.

Step 2

Watch the videos, first, “Forest walk”

Sample exercise

When you hear me say something, think about it, repeat it, then talk with Google Translate. It won’t take you many months to learn Finnish!

I read a book

Repeat the Finnish after me in the video. Watch and press pause when you want to practice a phrase with Google Translate.

(Normal way in Finnish is to say “Pidän suklaajäätelöstä”, You can’t love ice cream like you love a person : ) )


The Rooms of a House: Bedroom!

More lessons at

That is all, no grammar, no writing, just plain easy speaking!


Sometimes Google doesn’t hear well, sometimes it has difficulty getting the right Finnish verb form. Therefore it is good to watch and listen to the video carefully.

If you would like to have personal/private or group Finnish lessons, send me an email.

Easy as that, no grammar, no writing, just plain speaking!