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I am adding videos and pictures here of great students and great moments! Join the team! Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Jarkko, a factory manager wants to learn how to improve employee motivation, skills and communication. He wants to be a great leader.
arto A lesson via Teams is fun and easy! Arto says that it saves time and money and prevents the hassle of trying to arrange a suitable appointment. It also helps to develop listening skills which it turn makes phone calls easier!(He has already started using the management skill taught in the management book!)
 My name is Xiaohan from China, I really like Aaron’s English lesson, very interesting teaching style, and I really learnt a lot from his class.
Esa has learned courage. He travels abroad, can book a hotel room and play golf with people from around the world!

He wants to study more. He wants to learn more.

 salesteam  This sales team can outsell any pipe prefabrication company anywhere in the English speaking world. The guy on the right claims that it is so much easier to answer a phone call from abroad now that he has had intensive lessons.
 A simple cup of soup is a great business idea if you can make a healthy, competitively priced meal that is placed in the right location.  soup
 Listen to what Natalia has to say.
Risto, Sakari and the rest of the team at Demeca are learning business and technical English so that they can present their revolutionary turbocharged Biogas plants  that will be installed on every farm in every country.  Risto&Sakari
 cof Päivi looks into the future. As the Nivala town mayor, she also likes to improve foreign cooperation in education and local business.”Every English lesson on early Friday mornings – great moments with interesting topics.” Here she poses with a local hero, the country’s fouth President.

Training for Experts! Here is a list of former and current companies with English / Management / Sales training.

All of the companies below are experts in their fields.

It is a pleasure to work with them to improve their business!


Champion Door

SSA Rakennus Oy

Talenom Oyj

Maustaja Oy

Premec Oy



Pihla Group